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Classic Shaolin Kung Fu Tai-Chi and Qi-Kung Training

Authentic Shaolin Kung Fu Systems and Training at the Chinese Shaolin Centers for Martial Arts

Shaolin Kung Fu Grandmaster 'The 10th Degree BlackBelt

Picture of Shaolin Grandmaster
Sin Kwang 'The (pronounced "Grandmaster Tey")

The Shaolin Temples were the equivalent of universities for the martial arts

Masters were professors, each of them a specialist in a particular area of training. Temples were known for a particular style, just like medical schools of today. Monks at each temple still practiced the forms from the other temples, but they specialized in the style for which their particular temple was known for.

Over the course of time, an untold amount of martial knowledge was housed at the Shaolin temples. In order to better systematize this material, the techniques, motions and fighting applications of major systems were housed within eighteen forms; medium sized systems were housed within twelve forms; and smaller systems were housed within six or fewer forms.
Modern Day Warriors
The Shaolin system as taught today is comprised of more than fifty styles and nine hundred forms. From this enormous body of material, today's Shaolin practitioners receive a broad-based martial education that covers the entire spectrum of martial arts philosophy and technique. Today's Shaolin curriculum teaches its practitioners sound fundamentals and provides each practitioner with the appropriate mental and physical challenge for their level of training.
Shaolin Kung-Fu is a traditional martial art providing its practitioners with time-proven self defense techniques. Shaolin training strengthens the body and sharpens the mind, leading to a longer, more productive, and healthier life. Shaolin is the most complete and comprehensive martial arts system in the world.
"If your primary interest is tournament skills, I advise you to seek your training elsewhere! Most of what you will learn here is too lethal for tournament use. I teach the ancient system of Shaolin Do, 'Art of survival, not of sport... As did the immortals, we should learn to destroy so that we may preserve! It is a way of truth. The knowledge that I offer you is not an athletic training; it is a sacred trust." -Shaolin Grandmaster Sin Kwang The'

My Life Changed for The Better Ever Since Joining Kung Fu

"One of the best things to ever happen to me in my life was starting classes at the Denver Chinese Shaolin Center Kung Fu School. I have always had an enourmous interest in Kung Fu ever since I was a young boy living in New York. Every Saturday at 3'Oclock in New York City, Fox Channel 5 would run their infamous KUNG FU THEATER and play classic Kung Fu movies like The 5 deadly Venoms, Shaolin Vs Ninja, Gordon Liu's 36th Chamber, Jacki Chan's Drunken Master , Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon , The ever entertaining Sh Nuff in the Last Dragon and many more. This of course peeked my interest, and apparently helped spark the entire breakdance movement as well with many of the moves inspired from movements in these classic movies and classic kung fu forms. Kung Fu Theater also influenced the New York Hip Hop Scene and many years later The Wutang Clan would sample many of these same movies to create their unique brand of underground Hip Hop.

Naturally as a kid I wanted to study Kung Fu. The expense of most Martial Arts Schools in New York and being a kid not really knowing what to look for made it difficult to know where to look for training as well. I guess if I had badgered my mom enough I could have started much earlier. She did place me in a Karate School at one point when one of her friends started teaching classes in a dance studio but I was only in there for a month (It was too expensive at the time) the blocks I learned did come in handy one time when another kid ended up breaking a stick over my forearm while trying to attack me in the park. In any case, I later discovered the Chinese Shaolin Center in Denver Colorado, I discovered it as part of my bus routte from my summer job at Elitches when I was 18 years old. I would pass the sign that read Kung Fu and would peek through the window as the bus passed by. I'm not even sure if I ever actually stopped in til much later, but I know when

I must have passed by the school at least 7-8 times after my first initial visit cause I collected 8-10 different information flyers over the years until one day I finally joined. I Joined in 1996 at the age of 22 and have enjoyed all these years of training immensly. My only question to myself now is... why did you wait so long dummy?
It must have been a huge combination of things that kept me from joining earlier, financial, time restraints, shyness and fear, and perhaps just plain silliness as I was looking specifically for Drunken Monkey and monkey forms and I didn't read the line on the brochure that read "this is only a partial list of the forms taught..." LOL. It would take a particular line from a movie to finally make me say... that's it I'm in! As I watched Return of the 18 Bronze Men and one man wispered "Master you can't beat him, the boy's from Shaolin" That made me grab the brochures I had collected over the years and look over them again to see their class times so I could go the next time they were open. I watched the movie and the training scenes then watched "Shaolin Mantis" and became entharlled with the mantis fighting system. I looked again on the brochure and sure enough Mantis was listed as one of the forms they taught, BOGO bonus points, now I definitely had to join! I signed up that Tuseday and they had a special festival on Sunday teaching Ying Jow Naw "the Eagle Claw form" I asked Master David if signing up for that form would even make sense since I was so new, he said sure anyone can learn, I took that class and was so glad I did as it helped speed up my learning ability as a lower belt and gave me some more advanced techniques to utilize in sparring as well. I practiced that form from White belt all the way through green belt before the other material started to overwhelm me and I gave it up while concentrating on all my other material. Then the Eagle Claw form was taught again when I was a brown belt and the refresher inspired me to practice it again. Over the years I've learned so many different styles and have had so many great experiances training with fellow Shaolin Students.
My life was ultimately changed for the better because of the one day that I finally decided to take action and join the school. If only they had offered me one of the coupons below when I walked into the school the first time... If I had a chance to try kung fu free for a month I would have been hooked the very first time. For me Shaolin Kung Fu is very much like my earlier favorite activities, Skateboarding , DJing and Playing Chess. In each of these activities you practice for hours, days, months and years to master certain movements and adapt them to work in various situations. In Chess and in Kung Fu Sparring you learn the art of deception and strategy, how to manuever your attacks to strike with precision and defend with deadly counter strikes, you also learn to plan ahead yet remain willing to modify your strategy as the situation calls. As a DJ or as a martial artist you learn to be creative and combine things in infinate variations to create a style that is uniquely your own. Both Skatboarding and Kung Fu require balance and understanding of the laws of nature and physics and both will increase your endurance, balance, stamina, lung capacity, leg strength and agility. - DJ Emir Santana 4th Degree Black Belt (Denver School)

Save and Print The Coupon Below for a Shaolin Kung Fu Free One Month Trial Membership at participating Chines Shaolin Centers (No Further Obligation Required)

Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi Free Month Trial Membership Lesson Coupon

Shaolin Kung Fu Training 1 Month Free Coupon for New StudentsKung Fu Styles Taught At The Chinese Shaolin Center Schools:

The Kung Fu knowledge taught at the Chinese Shao-Lin Centers, which are under the direction of GrandMaster Sin Kwang The' & 8th Degree Elder Masters David & Sharon Soard , is comprised of various colorful styles of skill and training, making up the Shao-Lin system available today!

Some of the styles within the Shaolin Art include:

  • Northern and Southern Fist (Pei Chuan / Nan Chuan)

  • Drunken Fist (Pa Hsien-8 Immortals)

  • Chin Na (Joint Locks, Holds & Their Counters)

Kung Fu Styles Derived from studing the animals, such as:

  • Black Tiger (Hei Chuan)

  • White Crane (Pai Hao)

  • Monkey (Hou Chuan)

  • Preying Mantis (Tang Lang)

  • Eagle Claw (Ying Jow Naw) 

  • Classical Kung Fu forms, such as:

  • Tiger/Crane form (He/Hu Suang Hsing)

  • Shao-Lin Original Five Animal form (Shao-Lin U Hsing Chuan)

  • Hua Fist (Hua Fist Roads 1-4, 2person Set 1 &2, 9 Ring Broad Sword)

Also, within the Shaolin system are Classical Weapons, such as:

  • the Monk's Staff (Pang)

  • the Broadsword (Tao)

  • the Kwan Tao

  • the Spear (Chiang)

  • the Double-edged Sword (Chien)

  • the Tiger Hook Swords (Hu Tou Gou)

  • the Butterfly Swords (Tie' Tao)

  • the Iron Fan (San)

  • the 3-Sectional Staff (San Chie Kuen)

  • the 9- Sectional Steel Whip (Chou Chie San Pien)

  • Note: This is only a brief listing and does not include many other areas of training that are also taught at each Chinese Shaolin Center.  For more info Click on web link Below:

  • Shaolin Kung Fu www.shao-lin.com

  • The Shao-Lin Art is also unique for it's depth of Internal fighting systems, meditation and Chi-Kung Training:

  • Internal Fighting Styles:

    • Tai Chi Chuan( Grand Ultimate Fist)

    • Pa Kua Chang (8 Changes of the Palms)

    • Hsing I Chuan (Mind/Form Fist)

    • Fu Chia Chien( Buddha Family Fist)

    • Tien Sue (Pressure Point Fighting Sytems)

  • again, to name only a few.

For more information about these and other styles of Kung Fu taught within the Shaolin Art, please come by and visit one of our Chinese Shao-Lin Centers, during class hours.

  • Master David Soard Deflects a spear thrust and slices throat with wood sword

    • Chi Kung Training & Meditation:

    • Ta Mo's 49 I Chin Ching (Muscle-Tendon Change Classic)

    • Hua To's Five Animal Play (Wu Hsing Chuan)

    • Yueh Fei's 18 Continous Postures (Se Pa Kwan)

    • Hsien Tien Chi

  • "Ah Ha You Lose- You fell for the oldest trick in the book"-Space Balls The movie

    For a list of Possible Shaolin Kung Fu Schools in your area click below

    Home Base Denver, CO
    Head Instructors For Denver & Boulder:
    David Soard and Sharon Soard
    8th Degree Black Belt Elder Masters

    Chinese Shaolin Center Denver Kung Fu School
    4012 W. 38th Ave
    Denver, CO 80212

    Chinese Shaolin Center Boulder Kung Fu School
    2872 Bluff Street
    Boulder, CO 80301 

    DJ Emir Denver Colorado's World Class Mixtape Producer, Remix Artist and DJ DJ Services DJs in Denver and Worldwide Flyer Designs and Graphics Hip Hop Mixtapes Professional Photography Services DJ Emir Nightclub and Event Picture Gallery DJ Emir DJ Mixes and Mixtapes Nightclub listings and special events in Denver and around the world Music, DJ, and Entertainment Website Links Contact Denver DJ Emir Santana for Mixtapes, DJ Services, Weddings and Events

    Mixtape Disclaimer: All Mixtapes are for Promotional purposes only. All fees are collected to pay for the expenses of this website, the records, Mp3s, music equipment and materials necessary for creating these mixtapes and DJ Mixes. DJ Emir mixtapes are intened to promote new Hip Hop Music, Hiphop remixes and DJ Emir's Hip Hop Remixes, Reggae Remixes and Mixing abilities.

    DJ Emir Hip Hop mixtapes carry ounce for ounce more Hip Hop music and Dance Music than any other mixtapes on the internet or on the streets. You've been craving a hot mixtape and an incredible DJ party mix experience, these mixtapes bring you what you need. DJ Emir Mixtape CDs provide a strong blend and variety of new Hip Hop & Reggae music and recurrent hits while also introducing up and coming artists and unsigned talent. If it's hot it's on there if it's not it's not. All DJ Emir mixtapes contain real mixing, real scratching, real beat juggling and real nightclub DJ and mixtape DJ skills. Simply put the hottest mixcds on the planet. To Book DJ Emir for your next party call 303-995-0875

    Real Mixtapes Because Real DJs Do Real Things